Download Baseball Freeware

Baseball Theme and Toolbar  v.1.0.2

A baseball theme and toolbar - includes a team selector and the latest baseball videos right in the

MLB Baseball  v.1

MLB Baseball 1 is considered as a helpful tool for those

Plusmo Pro Baseball Live  v.0.8

Plusmo Pro Baseball Live 0.8 is exactly as it sounds , it is an user friendly and effective utility

Baseball On A Stick  v.1.0

This project is intended to provide code to be used with the MySQL and Python to create a database of major league baseball stats which are freely provided by the Gameday application and All major and minor league pitch

Extra Innings Computer Baseball  v.1.0

This is a statistics-based simulation of the game of baseball. It allows the user to act as manager, selecting lineups, making substitutions, setting defensive plays, and more. The game is based on the Extra Innings

Free Baseball Simulator  v.0.7.1

The Free Baseball Simulator is a fast, configurable baseball simulator. It can be used as a backend for a web or desktop "baseball manager"

Monte Carlo Baseball Simulation  v.rc

A Monte Carlo simulation of Major League Baseball(TM), used to find the best strategies in a baseball game. The effect of different batting orders and the addition of one super-star can be tested and archived in retrosheet

Dice Baseball  v.1.0

My project is to create a program that runs this dice game that simulates a baseball game.

NetStats Baseball  v.b.

NetStats Baseball (NSB) is a simulation of Major League Baseball. Single games may be played as well as whole seasons. Statistics are kept for games, seasons, and lifetime. NSB runs in the client/server environment. Network play is supported.

Fantasy Baseball Commish  v.1.0

Fantasy Baseball Commish is a PHP/MySQL driven Fantasy Baseball package which allows League Commissioners to set up a custom league on their own website.

LastFM Baseball  v.1.0

This is a program that allows you to play baseball through last fm by rating songs

OOTP Baseball League Manager  v.1.0

This project provides a web application, a stand-alone client, and a public API for managing "Out of the Park" baseball simulation leagues. Each of the interfaces (web, stand-alone, and API) provides full access to a huge amount of ...

Ultimate Baseball Sim  v.1.0

This project aims to create the most realistic browser-based baseball simulation to date. Using Php and MySQL, the goal is to develop a realistic baseball managing experience that can be enjoyed by the masses via their browser.

Zombie Baseball  v.1.0

The End Of The Civilization Has Arrived. The scientists developed a terrible virus that which had the terrible goal to reduce the overpopulated earth in a half, but the virus mutated and only 1% of the human beings survived to the exposure, almost

Sports Toolbar  v.1.0

Watch Live Sports TV right from the toolbar! Need to watch a game? Do it live!Watch the following with our toolbar: Soccer, Football, Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, Golf, NBA, Basketbal, Hockey, Snooker, Tennis, WWE

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